Booz Time Club
str. 31 August 1989, 117
Chisinau, Moldova
+373 (22) 22 25 08

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Booz Time Club


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Booz Time Club
str. 31 August 1989, 117
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: +373 (22) 222 508
Mobile: +373 69800198

Please call ahead for Table Reservations.

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Surrounded by the city night lights, striving for doing something extraordinary you think that the time has come.

It is time you became yourself and found yourself where the merrymaking, laughter and joy are the rules of the world and where there is no place for boredom and loneliness! The time has come to realize the real value of harmony and beauty and fly away with the sounds of music to face with your dreams!

BOOZ TIME is the club where you will feel that to be who you are is the sense of life, that beauty and style are indispensable notions, and the spirit of adventure and risk exist and provoke the action!

BOOZ TIME is the time to live, to want and to love!

Every party in BOOZ TIME is a marvelous show, unique and unforgettable where the most impossible ideas are being embodied and where there are no limits for your fantasy flights!

The time has come to plunge into the reality where only good mood and overwhelming energy are appreciated!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is BOOZ TIME! It is time you became yourself! It is the power of BOOZ TIME!

Booz Time Club
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