Delice d'Ange French Bakery

Delice d'Ange French Bakery
str. 31 August 1989, 117/2
Chisinau, Moldova
+373 (22) 24 51 39

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Delice d'Ange French Bakery


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Delice d'Ange French Bakery Delice d'Ange French Bakery
str. 31 August 1989, 117/2
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: +373 (22) 24 51 39
Fax: +373 (22) 24 51 39
Mobile: +373 69164184

For children's parties or group celebrations, please call +373 (22) 24 14 28

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French Bakery Services:

  • 9.00-23.00 Daily
  • Children zone and terrace
  • Possibility for having parties and banquettes as well as organization and celebration of birthday parties and jubilees 

From the moment of its opening, French bakery Delice D`Ange has conquered the hearts of those who fell in love unreservedly with sweets. We would be happy to meet you in our bakery everyday. You will find yourself in a specific and unforgettable place, in an atmosphere that will remind you of your childhood.

The interior decoration has been made of wood with the prevalence of brown shades. All these elements are in perfect harmony with the sweets and you can’t help but to taste them. We will offer you ice-cream, biscuits, different cakes and chocolate pies, as well as pies with nuts, raisins, almonds and dates. In addition, we advise you to taste our variant of menu Bistro with delicious Quiche Lorrian with various stuffing.

Children are the most faithful and dedicated customers of our bakery. We tried to create for them a country of fairy-tales on the second floor. There is a magical tree in the middle, where the butterflies, funny bugs, ladybirds, elves and other personages live. Children have a great possibility to taste not only the sweets, but also to play with the toys and take part in different games, to draw pictures and color plaster figures.

Our qualified personnel will look after the children and help them to have an exciting time. The celebration of birthday parties is breathtaking, and creates unforgettable events with merry music and lots of presents. More over children will go on wonderful excursion into magical laboratory where all the delicious things are baked. Then, after yummy lesson the little travelers have a competition in baking for the most tasteful biscuits. During summer time, children have a lot of fun and entertainment at our open-air terrace.

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