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Cahul is a small city located to the south of the capital, Chisinau. Also known as the South Capital of Moldova, it is the most important administrative center in the region.

In the last decade, Cahul has became the place to see and hear singers, dancers, and people from around the world who love good music. It became the center of outdoor festivals in Moldova. The most known is the International Biennal Folk Dance and Music Festival Nufarul Alb (Water Lily), which gives out awards on the water. What is very obvious at this festival is the diversity of cultures and music traditions kept for centuries by different nations.

The International Music Festival Faces of Friends is another big event held every summer for the past 12 years in Cahul. It brings together the best artists and bands from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and other countries. You will have the opportunity to listen to quality pop, rock, jazz, and many other types of music.

Another annual festival that takes place in Cahul is the Bobocelul (meaning Button of a Water Lily). which is a kids' folk music and dance festival.

Besides being a cultural meca, Cahul is rich in mineral healing waters. The Water Lily Sanitorium was created to take advantage of this resource, and is considered the pride of Cahul residents. It is a modern facility for health recovery, which operates a resort clinic, a hotel complex, a catering center, and cultural and entertainment facilities. The Sanitorium has gained a wide popularity both inside and outside of Moldova.

Cahul is a youthful city of youth and students. It has two universities and three colleges.

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