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Chisinau is the capital of Moldova, the center of all the important events. It’s the biggest city in the country, however it’s relatively small comparing to the big world cities It’s a pretty, friendly place with old historical building, but also new and modern. Oficially the population of Chisinau is about 700.000 people and it doesn’t feel too crowded. In the Spring through Summer it’s green with a lot of vegetation blossoming.

Its rich history dates since 1436 when it was first mentioned in the documents. During the second world war it was almost completely destroyed, but as you will see now it’s back to live, more alive then ever.

Visiting Chisinau you could visit a lot of entertainment places like theater, cinema, concert halls, art galleries, lots of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas, casinos and many others. All these are very close to each other. It’s amazing how much you could do in one day just on the central Stefan cel Mare street. That’s an exemple of how convenient the city is. It has a very developed transportation system, you can marely get “from anywhere to anywhere”. There are 2 kinds of busses and trolleybuses. There are also taxis and car rentals. Using our transportation map for information, and thousand of busses/ or taxis (that you can call for) you would find it very easy to get around. This city is very compact, basically everything you need you can find in the center of the city. But other areas are also pretty well developed and organized. There are 5 regions in Chisinau: Centru, Ciocana, Riscani, Botanica and Buiucani. All of them are worth visiting.

Talking about convenience, another thing that you would probably love about Chisinau is the telecommunications. The best part is that you can get internet on practically all the main streets, because there are lots of internet cafes all over the city. You get a computer, Internet, movies, headsets. Everything for about $0.5 an hour. What more can you wish?! The cell phone system is also very easy, similar to the Europpean one. All you need is a suitable cell phone, then anywhere in the street boutiques you can buy yourself a card with a phone number that you can use and minutes. And you are set. If you want to mail something there are offices of the international transportation companies in Chisinau, or you can mail things through a redular post office. People in the city are usually friendly and they speak several languages. The basic ones are Romanian (officially called Moldovan) and Russian that is a conversational language. Also especially the young people would speak English or French. Some people speak Italian or German languages.

The places you might enjoy in Chisinau are: The Ethnological museum – if you want to know more about the country, history and traditions.

Central Parks
Outdoor Arts and Crafts market on Stefan cel Mare Street.
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