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Buses in Chisinau run from 6 am to 12 midnight.

Local Buses

There are three types of public transportation systems within the capital city: Buses, trolleybuses, and maxi-taxis.

There are no set schedules for the buses, at least it’s not advertised. Generally, the waiting time is between 3 to 30 minutes depending on the route and the time of day. 

If you travel by trolleybus, you should purchase the ticket soon after you get on the trolleybus from the ticket seller. The ticket seller usually walks through the bus so that everyone has a chance to buy a ticket. The cost is only 1 leu. You must keep the ticket until the end of the journey as random checks are conducted for non-paying passengers. Riding without a ticket will incur a penalty fee, and most likely a long time delay.

You can also take a bus at a cost of 2 lei. Again, you buy your ticket when you get on the bus.

Warning! The ticket you buy in buses or trolleybuses are valid only for that ride, and that particular bus-car. You can not buy tickets ahead a time, it will not be valid. Every time you get on the bus, you have to buy the ticket there and then.

The buses and trolleybuses only stop at pre-determined bus stops, unlike the maxi-taxi.

When you want to stop the maxi-taxi, you simply wave your hand, and it will stop for you. When you want to get off the minibus, you have to tell the driver to stop. There are no pre-determined stops. The price for a maxi-taxi trip is 3 lei; you pay it to the driver when you get on the bus and no ticket is issued.

Our Map of Chisinau shows all the bus routes in Chisinau. If you select the destination street, the map will display the bus routes that will take you there.

National Buses

Chisinau has a number of national buses that connect parts of the country. There are 3 main national bus stations in Chisinau: Northern Station, South Western Station, and Central Station. The list of national bus stations outside of Chisinau is provided here.

It is better to buy your ticket ahead of time, but expect a small fee for that.

The official website is:

Contact information is:

Central Bus Station
str. Mitropolit Varlaam, 58
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: (+373) 22 542 185

South-Western Bus Station
sos. Hincesti, 145
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: (+373) 22 723 983

Northern Bus Station
str. Calea Mosilor, 2/1
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: (+373) 22 411 338

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