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Moldova has a mixed population. The ethnic groups living in Moldova are: Moldovans, 64.5%; Ukrainians, 13.8%; Russians, 13%; and others (Gagauzians, Bulgarians, Jews, Germans, Byelorussians, etc.).

A high ratio of the population live in the rural area. The urban population represents 45%. The major cities of Moldova include the capital city, Chisinau (over 663,100 people); Balti (143,200); Cahul (40,300); Hincesti (16,800); Orhei (33,100); Soroca (37,200); Ungheni (37,800); and Comrat (25,000).

The People of Moldova

Moldovan people are friendly, open, hospitable, and speak multiple languages, including Romanian and Russian*. They love to chat, receive guests, and prepare delicious food. Because mass tourism has not yet reached the country, Moldovans still keep their identity and culture, especially in the villages where life is just as it was centuries ago: simple and spiritual.

* Not all Russian-Moldovans who came from mainland Russia speak Romanian.

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