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Moldova is a tourist gem hidden amongst the other European nations. It is a small country of about 4 million people, tucked away between Ukraine and Romania. Choosing to travel to Moldova would not come immediately to the traveler; however, once you visit this lovely getaway, it pulls you to return again and again.

During my many travels there, I have grown fond of its calmness, beauty, culture, and sense of adventure. For the traveler looking for an inexpensive place, Moldova is a great alternative to the more touristic and expensive European destinations. You can enjoy the food, clubs, theaters, and many other entertainment for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere in Europe.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people, and making real travel connections that enriches my stay each return trip.

Spoken languages are Romanian and Russian. More and more you run into an increased number of English speakers, mostly at the major hotels and restaurants.

To enjoy your visit and have a wonderful experience, take advantage of our services so you do not miss out on what Moldova has to offer.

- Marcel Wah, Co-Founder (USA)

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I am Moldovan and I had to travel the world to understand how unique, cozy, and adventurous Moldova can be all at the same time.

Moldova offers you a different feel, of a nice little country, where things are still very simple, with much less complications and friendly people from small communities. Mass Tourism hasn’t hit the country yet and explains why Moldova remains authentic as a country. People until today keep old traditions alive. This gives travelers a good sense of the place they are visiting, and great insights into the culture. People here are also very close to nature, especially in the villages where they learn to depend very little on modern civilization. They know how to build their own houses, how to find natural spring water, how to get warm in the winter using nothing but natural resources and the knowledge passed to them by previous generations. The tools they use, the way they live in deep connection with nature is something every adventure traveler would be amazed about. In the villages you will see people using horses as transportation, dogs out and about, cows, chicken and many other animals. Villagers plant and grow their own food, and are famous for their homemade wine. To truly experience Moldovan traditions and to see how people live, it is worth going to the countryside.

Chisinau is a different story. It is closer to European values, business and comfort. This is a youthful city due to the large number of schools, universities, and jobs. In Chisinau, people follow the fashion trends. It is the place where most business is done, and daily cultural events are happening. The visitor on any budget will find many enjoyable activities in this city: Theaters, Opera, Concerts, Movies, Sports, Dance, delicious food, outdoor festivals and activities, and much more. Chisinau is a perfect place to relax and to have fun, because it’s not overcrowded and it has everything (well, almost everything) you may need or wish.

If you don’t speak Romanian or Russian, don’t worry. In the villages, you’ll be just fine since people are so friendly and open that they won’t even notice.  Especially if they serve you their wonderful wine--and they will, you’ll become their best friend. In Chisinau, on the other hand, you’ll find many people, mostly the young ones, that speak English, French, and some even speak German and Italian.

Now all you have to do is buy your ticket, pack, and try it yourself! We’ll be here at md4ever.com to welcome and guide you.

- Marina Vatav, Co-Founder (Moldova)

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